Super Saving Saturday: Free Wipes

I got all these flushable toddler wipes for free! My friend Jessica alerted me to this deal. Organic Grocery Deals has a Target coupon for $1 off 1 package of baby wipes or diapers. It doesn’t say toddler wipes but (obviously) it works for those too. At some of the Targets the refills for toddler wipes is 97 cents. So you get it for free. I am printing these out by the pages (you can print multiples at once) and using them every time I go by a Target. They expire December 5th so you have time to go get some freebies! Some checkers will only let you use 1 at a time but I have never had that problem.

But be on the look out! One Target (at Riverpark) had the refills for $1.27 but another (Willow and Herndon) had them for only 97 cents. So make sure you check prices!!!

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