I am just a nerdy mom who has many weird a diverse interests! I stay busy homeschooling my 4 kids and writing my 4 blogs! My life philosophy is that I feel that anyone can do anything they want to learn to do. I enjoy sharing my opinions and equipping other do things like save money, school their children and cook!

NerdFamily Food – This is all the food we love and make. Also the occasional food show makes and appearance.
NerdFamily Things – This is where I write about the things we use and love from high heels to homeschool books. I also hold my giveaways over here.
The NerdFamily Blog – This is just everything else that goes through my crazy mind like politics, science, mommy stuff, tv, etc.
NerdFamily Money – All about making money and saving money! You can’t start complaining that you don’t have enough if you aren’t using the money you have wisely!