Swiss Gear Computer Bag Deal!!!

Today Amazon’s Gold Box deal is Swiss Gear computer bags at 64% percent off! I love a cute and durable bag! But I am trying to restrain myself;). But that pink messenger bag is awfully cute…


Christian Book Distributors

I was stoked to find out that Christian Book Distributors is having super
Cyber Deals
! They have kids deals, music deals and more!!


Free Picture Calendar

Vistaprint is running a great deal right now! It is a free photo calendar, all you pay is shipping and handling! It is the perfect gift for grandparents or other family!


Great Gevalia Deal

This is an awesome deal! For $19.95 you get a stainless steel coffeemaker (my last one I got from them was made by Krups), a stainless steel travel mug and 4 half pound packages of coffee! You can order this and just cancel your subscription before they send you another shipment in a month. It is totally above board, there is not problem cancelling. But you can only do an intro order like this once a year.

Who knows how long this deal will be going so go get yours now!


Amazon Friday Deals 9/3

Lately “Personal Care and Grocery” has been the only category in the Amazon Friday Sale. But there are still a few bargains to be found! I am particularly eye balling the Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape Tangy Tropical, Boxes (Pack of 12), Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 13-Ounce Plastic Jar (Pack of 5), and the Annie Chun’s Soba Noodles, 12-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)!

Any Amazon deals that have your attention today?


Gorgeous Earrings Deal! These pretty earrings are the Shop at Home Wild deal for the next 9 hours! You can pick them up for under $10 after all is said and done. If you don’t want them for yourself, they would be a great gift!


Teacher Event

Sunday August 15, 2010 OfficeMax is having a Teacher’s Event! just take in your Teacher Perks card (which they give to homeschoolers too) and you will get a canvas tote and 20% off everything you fit in it!

If you toss in the 1 cent Binder Paper, 20 cent Crayola Crayons, 10 cent pencils and some of their other back to school deals and you will save some serious cash!


Girlie Deals!

Here is a little type for you skinny girls, the fact chick stores have awesome sales on jewelry and accessories! I picked up these 2 necklaces, a super cute bracelet and a big pair of sunglasses on clearance. Each item was $1.96 each! Such a deal!

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Old Navy Cami Deal

Old Navy is running a great cami deal! It is only $2 bucks for their “layering” cami now through July 31, 2010! There is a limit of 5 per person.

I love these kinds of shirts because they are perfect for under those shirts that are just a little too revealing! I have friends that look adorable wearing a few of them at once. So go get your camis!

You can print the coupon or just Cami 4 Me when you check out to get the deal!

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Such a Deal!

Yes, I got these sandals for $3.74! My 9 year old always has a growth spurt in the summer and it has been over 100 for 6 days here. So he needed shoes and he needed them to be summer shoes! Target obviously doesn’t decide their marketing based on Fresno because it is going to be hot here for months. And then it will be 80;).

But I digress. The point is that Target is marking down their short sleeves, shorts, sandals and more so go shop! If not for this year remember kids grow!

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Cow Appreciation

Friday, June 9th is Dress Like a Cow day! If you and yours decide to go to Chick-fil-A and you choose to dress up, you can get free meal. You can even dress up just a little so get a little free! So you and all your little calves go check it out! If you need ideas they have some on their website!


Free Business Cards

I am going to the Savvy Blogging Summit in July and everyone know that you need to take business cards. But alas, I have never gotten any. So I am going to order my first batch from Vistaprint! I just have to pay shipping! If you have a blog or a business you need cards too! Do you already have some? Where did you get them from?


A Friday Sale

Christian Book Distributor always has a great Fab Friday Sale! The thing I really like is that their sale goes all weekend so if you don’t get to it on Friday, you can still get the deals. Here are the items that are on a particularly great sale!

272289: Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision

82907: Living and Leading from Your Holy Discontent: A Companion Guide for Ministry Leaders Living and Leading from Your Holy Discontent: A Companion Guide for Ministry Leaders

716532: The StoryKeepers Collection: Breakout!/Raging Waters, DVD The StoryKeepers Collection: Breakout!/Raging Waters, DVD

Midweek Deals

Did you know that Christian Book Distributors has a weekly mid-week sale? This week they have a couple of great deals! Faith in the Age of Reason: The Enlightenment from Galileo to Kant By Jonathan Hill for only $1.99. They also have the super cute The NIV VeggieTales Bible for only $4.99! At our local Bible house it was over $20! They have quite a few other things too but these were the best deals to me. Remember that you can only order them through Thursday!


Great Gevalia Deal

I love Gevalia coffee but it is super pricey! But they have great introductory deals. Right now they have 3 1/2 lb boxes of coffee with a travel mug for $3! You are free to cancel immediately so there is no risk! Done one of their deals before? If it has been 12 months since you have ordered anything from them, you can sign up for this deal!


Avenue Coupon

The Avenue is running a big sale right now. Buy 1 thing a full price and get the second at 50% off! If you are shopping in the brick and mortar store, you don’t need a coupon. But online use coupon code AV10187! This deal goes through June 5, 2010.

Remember if you shop online that you can get 3% at Ebates or 6% at Shop at Home!

Free Photo Canvas Print

These are so cute! You email them a picture and they turn it into an 8 by 10 print that is gallery wrapped! All you pay is shipping and handling! Of course they want you to order more once you get your freebie but you don’t have to. I think I need to do this for a gift!!!


Free Picture Prints

I need to print out my many, many pictures! So I was stoked to see that York is offering 40 prints free! And another 100 prints for 4 cents each. All you have to do to get the free prints is register. That is pretty painless!


Friday Sale Deals

Today is Amazon’s Friday Sale and they have a couple of good deals. Lately the Friday sales have been centering around Toys and Food. I don’t know when they are going to expand it back out to include housewares. So here are a couple of my favorites! The Magnext we love here because they are super fun but also educational! But they are always so pricey so it is great when you can get them on an awesome sale like this. And we don’t have any of the rub and colors but they just seem like a lot of fun and a great thing for traveling!


SeaWorld Ticket Deal

Right now SeaWorld is running a ticket deal for San Diego, Orlando and San Antonio! For every adult ticket you buy you can get a child’s ticket for only $5!!! It appears that it is only good for the e-tickets purchased online. But it looks like the tickets just have to be used by December 31, 2010. My best friend is going to use this deal and it will save her $108!!!!