Chinese New Year Freebie

Panda Express has a great educational (and food) freebie! They have a New Year Educational kit that is aimed at 2nd through 4th graders. It has a dvd, activity sheets, kid’s meal coupon and more. It looks like you order by classrooms and no more than 35 at a time. I put in for it as a homeschooler and didn’t have any problems (we will just see if I get it!).

One thing, you have to order it beforeĀ January 8, 2010 to get it!

(HT: Coupon Cupboard)


GW School Supply Coupon

GW has a coupon but you have to use it quick! It expires October 3, 2010! Just print out the coupon to get 20% off your whole purchase! It is perfect for all the little things that you may need to get!

There are GW School Supplies in Fresno, Bakersfield and Chula Vista.


Spectrum Workbook Sale

Attention all you Homeschoolers or Private Schools who use Spectrum!!!!! Christian Book Distributors is having a bigĀ Spectrum Sale! They have workbooks 25% off.


A Discount for an Organized Teacher

Ok, this is a discount for those of us who just wish we were organized teachers too;). The Container Store has a teacher’s discount! It is good online or in the store (or by phone for those who order that way) for 15% off. I am a homeschooler and I filled out the form just fine. It does say that you need to show a teacher’s id in store but I usually just show my CHEA or HSLDA id’s in these circumstances and have never had a problem.

To make the deal even sweeter… if you order online you can get 4% back from Ebates and 5% back from Shop at Home!


Free E-Books

As we all know, Barnes and Noble has their own e-reader out called the Nook. But they, like Amazon with the Kindle, have put out apps to enable you to read their e-books on other things (PC, Mac, iPad, etc). In conjunction with the reader apps, Barnes and Noble is also putting out free ebooks! Every Friday they say there will be a new list. This week they have all kinds of classic books like Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Alice in Wonderland, Call of the Wild and more. Perfect for the kiddos who are sitting around this summer!


Adoremus Books Coupon

Adoremus Books is a Catholic bookstore but I have found them to be a good source of homeschool materials for those of us who aren’t Catholic too;). They are having an Easter coupon that is good until April 12, 2010. You get 20% with the coupon code Easter10.


Easter Egg Hunt!!

Not only is CurrClick having a big sale from now until April 5, 2010 but they are having an Easter Egg Hunt! They have 18 egg hidden on their site and each one gets you a free download product! We all know how I love free homeschool curriculum! Laura William’s Musings has clues to find all the eggs.


Craft Store Discounts

Here in Fresno we really only have 2 craft stores, Michaels and Joann. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can blow quite a bit of money in these fine establishments;).

Now, I signed up for the paper ad from Joann’s but it is tiring to shop by 1 40% off coupon at a time. Joann’s does have some other deal opportunities! First you can sign up for their online newsletter. They will send you some coupons that are good only online but also many coupons that are printable to take in!

If you are an educator (yes, that means homeschoolers too!) you can sign up for an additional discount. You will get a 15% card that is good on your entire purchase, excluding things you used coupons on. That means you can use the 15% off sale and clearance items!!! You also get a 1 time 20% off an entire purchase coupon! You can sign up online for the educator’s discount if you have an ein number (teachers) or hslda/peah number (homeschoolers). As homeschoolers, if you go into the store you just have to show them something. I used my Chea card. The educator discount is good for 1 year and then you just fill out the form again.
Michaels also have an online newsletter. You will get the ad emailed to you every week. They also have The Knack newsletter. This is for both teachers and educators. Usually it is just craft ideas but sometimes it includes additional coupons to!
Both Michaels and Joann’s accept competitor’s coupons. At Michaels it can take a while because they often need to do multiple purchases but Joann’s just scans them all in on one purchase.
So what are you still doing here? Go sign up for your discounts and good crafting!

Book It Time!!!

For those who don’t know, Pizza Hut runs an incentive reading program. I am very excited that they open it up to all forms of school, including homeschools. You can only register into the Book It! program between now and June 2010 for the next academic year. All you do is fill out the form to register. Then they send you 1 certificate per kid per month for a free personal pizza for September-March. You decide how you want to award them!

It is for kids that are k-6th so remember to count your preschoolers who will be in kindergarten next year. Also, only individual homeschool families can sign up, so your groups don’t qualify.
This is our 3rd year participating and we love it! Next year we will have 3 kids who qualify!
So run and fill out your forms!

Awesome Book Sale

Scholastic is having a great deal!!! They are having their big Dollar Days sale. The deal is that it is only for teachers but luckily, homeschool teachers count! So go check it out. They have 100’s of books for a buck a piece.


Learning Freebies

I have a couple of freebies that can be great tools for learning.
First, the USDA has mini-posters and tips for families on the food pyramid. All you have to do is fill out a form and they will mail them to you.
Second, the National Endowment for the Arts have various publications on Art and Kids available. Some are downloads and some you can order a hard copy.
Lysol has a Healthy Habits Activity booklet that you can order for free online. You can order multiples depending on what you are (parent-5, teacher-30).
Lastly, the National Eye Institute has a variety of posters and booklets on eye safety, health and care available for different age ranges.
(I am republishing this because some of these freebies are making the rounds again: originally published in June 2009)

Critical Thinking Coupon

One of my favorite companies for logic books for my homeschool kids is Critical Thinking!!! They have preschool up to high school stuff and at really cheap prices. To make a good deal even bigger I found a Free Shipping with a $50 purchase coupon code!!! It is HPR1001 and it expires on 2/9/2010. If you are just getting something small it is worth ordering with a friend!!!!


Museum Day!

Every year there is a free Museum Day at thousands of museums all over the US sponsored by the Smithsonian. This year it is September 26, 2009. You have to check the details to see if your local museum is participating. This year it seems you print out a card or voucher that you take in. That is it!


Geography E-Book

Knowledge Quest is giving away copies of their E-Book Globalmania: Master Geography in 7 months. You just give them your first name and email to sign up for their newsletter. If you already get the newsletter you just have to download the pdf!


Free E-Books

There are a couple of free e-books out there that I thought would be interesting. Now, you don’t need a special reader or anything. Usually Adobe Acrobat Reader works great! You could even print them out if you don’t want to read on the monitor.

First up is the Recycling Crafts book. It has 42 different projects. Since I think I am going to do mostly homemade presents this year for Christmas, I will really use this! This site has a pop up where you give them your email, you don’t have to do it. Just hit close in the top right corner.
The second is the Future Christian Homemakers Handbook. It is designed to work like a curriculum if you want to use it that way. This one you will download in pieces. You can also order a printed copy of the book for $29.95.

Preschool E-Book

To start with I have to declare that I love The Critical Thinking Company! So you can imagine my joy at finding a free preschool e-book! Just click over to get it! It is a variety of sample activities that will give you a good feeling for what you will get if you choose to get more of their preschool products.


Bargin Books for Teachers and Homeschoolers!

Scholastic Books is having its Dollar Days until 1/31/2009! It is always a great sale! Right now they have about 390 different books on the deal. The only problem is that they do tend to sell out of books so hop on over and get your deals!


Crystal Springs Books Coupon exp: 12/22

Store: Crystal Springs Books
Deal:Free Shipping with an order of $35 or more
Code: FREE1208A
Expiration: 12/22/2008


Critical Thinking Coupon exp:11/30

Store: Critical Thinking
Deal: Free shipping on purchases $30 or more
Code: HVT0811
Expiration: 11/30/2008


Adoremus Books Coupon exp: 12/1

Starts: 11/28/1008
Store: Adoremus Books
Deal: 15% off entire purchase
Code: THANK8
Expiration: 12/1/2008