Frugal Gift Bags!

Some frugal ideas are born out of necessity! Last week we were getting ready to go to a birthday party for one of Nerdster’s friends and I discovered that I was out of gift bags. Well, not totally out. I have a ton of Christmas bags, a few Hanukkah bags and 1 baby shower bag but nothing appropriate for a 6 year old little boy! But I did have a bunch of plain white and brown gift bags that I got on clearance! So I got out our sticker draw that is full of stickers that were free, given to the kids and purchased inexpensively. Then I  handed the drawer and the bag to my 5 year old and told him to go for it!

A personalized bag on the super cheap! We will be doing this from now on!


Traveling Frugally: Part 1

So NerdDad and I are going to be taking a little trip to San Francisco for our birthdays next month and I am so excited. But I am still cheap! So I decided to try Priceline for the first time. I was excited to get a 3 star room in downtown San Francisco for $105 a night. I think that is a good deal;).

Something that I discovered when I was researching Priceline was that it is on Shop at Home too! Which means I am getting 3% back on top of the great deal. And when you are talking over $300, it is extra nice to get that kick back! Now I need to start finding restaurant coupons and deals!


Free Money Software

NerdDad and I are always looking for a good way to track out money. We love the idea of using something online because we tend to work on these things at different times ;). This one seems popular and is free! Have any of you used it? It has a lot of features so you can’t go wrong! Click on the button to sign up!!!



I can say one of the reasons that we take our car to a mechanic for little things is because we don’t have the tools or the knowledge. We can get the knowledge for free online or in a library book but not the tools. Well, now we have a free solution to that problem!

Auto Zone has a Loan A Tool program! They have over 60 tools for various car systems that are free to use. You just place a deposit, use the tool and then return the tool and receive 100% of the deposit back! That is it!
Go check out the list on the website. How cool is that?

WFMW: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

We have all been there… You spy something in the store that could help you organize but it is not for sale.

It could actually be something that the store might be throwing out but you don’t know how to get it. It can be the apple holders out of the bottom of an apple box that would be great to hold ornaments. Or in my most recent case, show boxes. So how do we go about getting them without embarrassing ourselves? I say suck it up and ask. I needed shoe boxes to organize some stuff. I was walking in Target and they had a big basket just full of shoe boxes so I decided to ask what they were going to do with them. The associate said they were just going to recycle them and that I should feel free to take as many as I wanted! I picked out specific sizes and everything!

Another time I was making chocolate cakes (4) for a baby shower and needed to transport them. I couldn’t find the right kind of boxes any where so I called Vons. They let me come down and pay them just a couple of bucks and I got a whole stack of boxes!

The moral….If you see something a store doesn’t sell and you want just ask!

(Part of WFMW)


Free E-Books

There are a couple of free e-books out there that I thought would be interesting. Now, you don’t need a special reader or anything. Usually Adobe Acrobat Reader works great! You could even print them out if you don’t want to read on the monitor.

First up is the Recycling Crafts book. It has 42 different projects. Since I think I am going to do mostly homemade presents this year for Christmas, I will really use this! This site has a pop up where you give them your email, you don’t have to do it. Just hit close in the top right corner.
The second is the Future Christian Homemakers Handbook. It is designed to work like a curriculum if you want to use it that way. This one you will download in pieces. You can also order a printed copy of the book for $29.95.

The Frugality of Some Farmer’s Markets

$7! Yes, that is all this huge amount of produce
cost me. Where you may ask? A farmer’s market! Now I have heard for years what a good deal farmer’s markets are but I have to say that isn’t always true. But I may have found the secret. I went to the downtown farmer’s market that isn’t in what is considered the nicest area. It wasn’t dangerous or anything, just low rent which is fine because I ain’t high rent;). But I have found that when you go to the ritzy area’s farmer’s market where people seem to also be having a carnival and organic is the key word, you are going to pay a lot more. Now compare that to this little neighborhood market that is year round and most of the people there are also growing organically. While a farmer’s market is usually a good deal over a supermarket, make sure you compare all the markets in your town before you pick a favorite! Now I will be hitting a couple different ones on a regular basis just because I want the pomegranites and cauliflower that are carried at another one but I have now found a favorite. It is already bringing down my food budget and isn’t that the best way to save money?
(Just for comparison, this bunch of kale was only $1!)


Frugal Gift for Frugal People

Cute isn’t it? This is a gift coupon holder. I have heard for years about people who want to start using coupons but find it to intimidating to start. So here is a good cheap way to get them going. To start with I got a plastic organizer from Walmart for less than $4 (watch the sales). Then I got these cute embellishments on clearance that are just peel and stick.

Then I took my label maker and made some easy categories. Then I give them a running start with some coupons. In this one I put in some EPT coupons, Cottonelle, Pillsbury internet coupons (like Grands, sugar cookies, and pizza dough), Totinos and more! So for half and hour and less than $10 bucks you have a sweet little gift!


Why are we frugal?

So I was reading over at One Frugal Chick and she posted about why they are frugal. Then she asked why we are. So here it goes. We have 4 kids, 1 income and homeschool…..need I really say more;)? I believe the Bible when it says that we are to be good stewards with what we have been entrusted with and I truly believe that includes our money. That is not to say that I don’t have or enjoy nice things but I am very frugal in acquiring them.

First, I like that SunSilk hair products. So I collected a couple of coupons and waited for a sale. Then this week at Walgreens they had a sale of 3 for $10 and then you get $3 back for the next shopping trip. Then I used $3 in coupons. So I ended up spending $4 for 3 products.

Second example is DVDR’s at Costco. They were having them Buy 1 Get 1 free. Now let us be honest, what family needs 200? So I called up a friend and we split them. So I paid 1/2 price!

I coupon, rebate, and sale shop. I even mystery shop. But I truly do it to enrich my family’s life and to stretch those dollars! My goal is to eventual save enough money to pay off all our debts (we have 2 houses right now) and maybe even start a real business.

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