The Standard is Doing It Again!

The Standard restaurant is giving away more food tomorrow (Thursday 2/10) night! They are sampling out their new lobster croquets from 6pm-8pm with live music after that. The first 50 people starting at 6pm with get 1/2 order of this appetizer for free!


Free Food at The Standard!!!

Fresno Peeps, The Standard is off Fort Washington in North Fresno. If you are available you should head down to The Standard tonight at 6pm!!! I have heard the burgers are pretty good. If only I didn’t have a sick kid and we didn’t have a meeting tonight.


GW School Supply Coupon

GW has a coupon but you have to use it quick! It expires October 3, 2010! Just print out the coupon to get 20% off your whole purchase! It is perfect for all the little things that you may need to get!

There are GW School Supplies in Fresno, Bakersfield and Chula Vista.


Wild Water Coupon!

Now that summer break has started for everyone I guess it is time for water park fun! I got a link to a $6 off coupon for our local water park, Wild Water Adventure Park from one of my local yahoo groups! Just print it out! It looks like you could print out multiples! Print it out now in case it gets taken down soon! (I don’t water park;)


Groupon Hits Fresno

So I have been seeing the Groupon ad on Google and Facebook for quite a while now. I was getting curious as to whether they really have good coupons. They kicked off the Fresno Groupon today and started off well. They have $20 of Batter Up Pancakes for $8.

I like that you just take part in the deals you like and they email you to tell you when they are available. No fuss no muss. So go! Sign up for Groupon so you can get the emails! Now if only they have a great massage deal….
(I was not paid to post about Groupon but there is an affiliate link. Please use it, that helps slightly justify the hours I spend on the computer finding deals and such;)