Panera Rewards

Ok, I love Panera. Not only is the Broccoli Cheese soup to die for, they also have caffeine free Diet Pepsi and free wifi! So I was stoked to find out that they have come out with a rewards card! You get the card in the store but then have to go to the website to register the card.

(HT: Saving the Family Money)


Free Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich

If you sign up for My Starbucks Rewards before September 21, 2010 you will get a coupon for a free Artisian Breakfast Sandwich. You just need a gift card to sign up. Between this, the free birthday drink and the free drink syrups you should totally go buy a $5 gift card!


Gymboree Rewards

Gymboree has now come out with a Gymboree rewards card! You get a point for every dollar and after 250 points you get $5. They are also going to have member only deals that you will have access too. I am reading that as a good possibility of more coupons! It looks like you can even use the card with your online purchases.

While it may take a while to add up to $250 with all my clearance shopping, I think it is worth to sign up for their rewards program.


EcoMom Deals and a Coupon

EcoMom® is committed to making eco-conscious living easy, affordable, and rewarding. From organic baby food to eco-friendly diapers to healthy toys to non-toxic cleaners and everything in between, they do the research for you. Every product offered is EcoMom® Approved so you know you’re getting the very best for you and your family. They carry all kinds of great products!

  • Organic Baby Foods
  • Eco-Friendly Toys (BPA/Lead/PVC free)
  • Green Cleaning Products
  • Eco-Safe Diapers
  • Eco-Chic Clothing (Organic Materials)
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Safe Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups, etc.
  • Daily Deals (Deals so good the 20% coupon doesn’t apply!)
  • Tons More Eco-Friendly, Recycled, and Safe Products For Mom & Baby!
  • They also have a Daily Deal that you have to check out! And if you get their EcoPass you will get access early to the deal! You will also get free shipping and 15% off for a year!

    Need another reason to check out EcoMom? You can use code NC20 to receive 20% off on your first purchase! It is good on everything except the Daily Deal and the EcoPass!


    4 Movie Tickets for $14.99

    Sounds too good to by true doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t! With The Last Airbender, Step It Up 3D and the cool Super Hero movies that are on the docket to come out I think NerdDad and I need this!

    Subscribe to receive one FREE movie ticket and 3 movie tickets every month for only $14.99. Over 60% in Savings! Join Weekly Cinema Today and start enjoying all the Latest Movies in 16,000 Theaters Nationwide NOW!

    How do I use my tickets? How does it work? You can redeem your coupon codes at for up to $14 value per ticket towards any movie (even IMAX and 3D movies)! Fandango is accepted at most theaters across the US and if you theater is listed on, this program is supposed to work!
    When can I cancel? Will I be charged? You can cancel anytime, without a cancellation fee. Make sure you cancel when ever you aren’t going to use the tickets so you don’t get charged for months you won’t use!
    When do I get more tickets? We give out your monthly tickets at the beginning of the month.



    Who can turn down free samples from Eversave? Not me!


    Cute Coupons?

    Cute isn’t it? You may not have guessed that this is how I got my Pampers coupons from Vocalpoint! Seriously, here is my proof;)!

    If you haven’t signed up with Vocalpoint you need to! It is a great program where you can sign up for coupons not only for yourself but for your friends. You usually get samples too!


    Get Ahead with Your Coupons!

    You can check out the coupons that are going to be coming out on Sunday!


    Inbox Dollars

    Inbox Dollars is one of those programs where you do a bunch of little, easy things to start collecting money! You won’t get rich over night but you will collect a little mad money! I often earn on these programs all year to get Christmas money/ gift cards. You get $5 just for signing up!!! Can’t go wrong with that!


    Snack Ready?

    Join Be Snack Ready to get coupons and samples from Frito Lay. I am just signing up so I don’t know what all you get but we will see!


    Pampers Coupon

    I often get asked where I get diaper coupons. Well, I sign up with manufacturers. Many of them have a club similar to the Pampers Village. I prefer Pampers so I always sign up with them as soon as I find out I am pregnant. If you are in the market for diapers go sign up with Pampers!


    Home Depot Garden Club

    Home Depot has a Garden Club. You can sign up to get on their newsletter for it. They send out deals and tips. And it is free. How can you beat that?


    Groupon Hits Fresno

    So I have been seeing the Groupon ad on Google and Facebook for quite a while now. I was getting curious as to whether they really have good coupons. They kicked off the Fresno Groupon today and started off well. They have $20 of Batter Up Pancakes for $8.

    I like that you just take part in the deals you like and they email you to tell you when they are available. No fuss no muss. So go! Sign up for Groupon so you can get the emails! Now if only they have a great massage deal….
    (I was not paid to post about Groupon but there is an affiliate link. Please use it, that helps slightly justify the hours I spend on the computer finding deals and such;)

    Craft Store Discounts

    Here in Fresno we really only have 2 craft stores, Michaels and Joann. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can blow quite a bit of money in these fine establishments;).

    Now, I signed up for the paper ad from Joann’s but it is tiring to shop by 1 40% off coupon at a time. Joann’s does have some other deal opportunities! First you can sign up for their online newsletter. They will send you some coupons that are good only online but also many coupons that are printable to take in!

    If you are an educator (yes, that means homeschoolers too!) you can sign up for an additional discount. You will get a 15% card that is good on your entire purchase, excluding things you used coupons on. That means you can use the 15% off sale and clearance items!!! You also get a 1 time 20% off an entire purchase coupon! You can sign up online for the educator’s discount if you have an ein number (teachers) or hslda/peah number (homeschoolers). As homeschoolers, if you go into the store you just have to show them something. I used my Chea card. The educator discount is good for 1 year and then you just fill out the form again.
    Michaels also have an online newsletter. You will get the ad emailed to you every week. They also have The Knack newsletter. This is for both teachers and educators. Usually it is just craft ideas but sometimes it includes additional coupons to!
    Both Michaels and Joann’s accept competitor’s coupons. At Michaels it can take a while because they often need to do multiple purchases but Joann’s just scans them all in on one purchase.
    So what are you still doing here? Go sign up for your discounts and good crafting!

    Target Coupons

    There are some awesome Target coupons right now. They have a spot on their website that always has various coupons. But right now they have coupons for the holiday candy that has all gone on sale! For example the M&Ms are on sale half off and they have a $1 off coupon. That makes it quite a deal! They also have coupons for Ghiradelli and other special candy brands!

    I have gotten other deals such as $1 off toddler bathroom wipes that they sell for 97 cents. So I have gotten them free!
    So keep an eye on the Target coupons!

    Ebates Black Friday!!!!!

    For all of those who remember, I love Ebates!So I was stoked to find out that they are going to be doing a double cash back promo! Tie that in with all the online deals and you can save some serious $$$. If you haven’t signed up for Ebates, run over and sign up. It is free and you get cash back for shopping! Just make sure you use as your referring email!


    Mimi Cafe

    If you fill out a form to join Mimi Cafe’s e-club they immediately send you a coupon for a free breakfast! My coupon is printing right now!!!!

    (This is also part of WFMW!)


    Ebates: Best Deal on The Internet

    Since we are all doing more and more shopping online, there is a tool we all need: Ebates. When you shop online you start at the Ebates home site. Then you look up whatever store that is on there and click to the store. You will get a percentage of your purchase back in cash. It is that simple. Then they will pay you either by check or paypal (I believe there is a time delay or fee associated with a check) once a quarter. They only pay out once you hit $5 but it will wait forever for you to hit it. My first $5 took over a year (before I did a lot of online shopping). You can still use any online coupons, deals, etc so you don’t loose out. Ebates is something I have been doing for a few years and I have gotten over $120. If you sign up now you will get $10 (and yes, I will get $10 too). Sign up and if it doesn’t get filled in for you, use my email as a reference (