Friday Sale

Christian Book Distributor is having a great Friday Sale today!!! The Treasure Principle, Beyond the Wardrobe and more! It is a great time to start shopping for Christmas!


Teacher Event

Sunday August 15, 2010 OfficeMax is having a Teacher’s Event! just take in your Teacher Perks card (which they give to homeschoolers too) and you will get a canvas tote and 20% off everything you fit in it!

If you toss in the 1 cent Binder Paper, 20 cent Crayola Crayons, 10 cent pencils and some of their other back to school deals and you will save some serious cash!


Sale Reminder!

Just reminding you all that today is Amazon’s Friday Sale! Go check it out! They often have great deals!!!


Fresh and Easy Deals

Here in Fresno we have recently gotten a few Fresh and Easy Markets. On the whole they are expensive but their sales can be quite good! Here are a few of this week’s deals!

These are going until March 2nd!
Hamburger at $1.49/lb (with packages bigger than 2lbs)
99cents/lb for family packs of chicken drumsticks and thighs
98 cents Produce Pack with 1 lb of lemons and limes.
One of the things about Fresh and Easy is that they don’t take any coupons. So don’t plan on getting great deals on top of the sales.

Awesome Book Sale

Scholastic is having a great deal!!! They are having their big Dollar Days sale. The deal is that it is only for teachers but luckily, homeschool teachers count! So go check it out. They have 100’s of books for a buck a piece.


Good Amazon Deals

It is time for Amazon’s Friday sale and I want to share my deal finds.

The pan is a great deal! I stopped by the outlet a month ago and just the skillet without a lid was more than this! We have been looking at this to feed out family of 6 with so it has plenty of room (we had been living with a 10 inch). I have this food processor and I love it (mine is in silver). The little drop in bowl is great when you just hae a little to do because there is less clean up and more room in the dishwasher.

So go shop and get a deal!

Amazon Sale

Amazon is having a 48 hour sale in the Kitchen and Home departments! Go! Run! check it out.


My Bargain

On my way home from Palo Alto last week I decided to drop by the Lane Bryant outlet in Gilroy on my way home. I found this dress for …….$2.25. Yup! A real grown up dress for only $2.25! I had been happy to find 2 pair of socks for $2 so you can imagine my excitement. While it doesn’t look all that exciting, it is really cute on and for that price I can easily wear it around Fresno when it is over 100 this summer!


Great Friday Deals!

I thought I would post what I think are the best Amazon Friday Deals! The Cricut is awesome and almost half price! We also are big believers in the portable heater in the bathroom. Then you don’t have to heat the whole house just to be warm when you get out of the shower. DeLonghi is a nice brand but always so expensive. Today it is 57% off!


Bargin Books for Teachers and Homeschoolers!

Scholastic Books is having its Dollar Days until 1/31/2009! It is always a great sale! Right now they have about 390 different books on the deal. The only problem is that they do tend to sell out of books so hop on over and get your deals!


Office Depot Back to School Deals 8/3

Office Max has some great back to school deals in the paper today. If you want them I wouldn’t wait very long because they always seem to run out.

1 Cent Deals: Office Depot Brand Slider Pencil Boxes, Office Depot Brand 12″ Wooden Rulers, TUG Pencil Sharpeners (limit 5 each)

5 Cent Deals: 16 count Crayons, Office Depot Brand 2-pocket Folders (limit 20)

25 Cent Deal: 10-pack Paper Mate Write Bros Stick Pens (limit 5)


Black Friday

One of the best ways to keep your money is to shop the sales. The biggest sale of the year is the Black Friday sales. I like because it gives you the ads and tells you which items you can just buy online!