1 Way to Get the Best Grocery Deals

As I think we all know, Wednesday is the day that all the grocery ads come out. But I am always hesitant to shop before Sunday, even though it would be better for my schedule, because many times coupons come out that next Sunday that work with the ads. It always kills me to go buy something only to see a coupon for a $1 off a couple days later and to know I could have waited. So I like using the Sunday Coupon preview. I can do the bulk of my shopping (or all depending on the deals) and just wait to get those extra good deals later. Then I just tag it onto another errand since it will only be 1 or 2 items at most! So do you like using the Coupon previews? (Click the image below to go check it out!)


Free Money Software

NerdDad and I are always looking for a good way to track out money. We love the idea of using something online because we tend to work on these things at different times ;). This one seems popular and is free! Have any of you used it? It has a lot of features so you can’t go wrong! Click on the button to sign up!!!


Coupon Organizing!

I love the coupons that I find here and at other wonderful sites but then you have a giant pile of coupons. When I talk to non-coupon users this is their main problem. “I never can figure out what I have in coupons until after I buy stuff so why bother?” That is a refrain I hear often. Well, I have used this system for a few years now and I love it! All I use is a cheap index card box (my is cheaper but I am eyeballing this one) and some dividers. The box is small enough to keep in a big purse or in the car. Then I divide everything up into categories. Then sort the coupons and take them everywhere!

Some of my categories:
Expires this month
Baby Food
Baby Consumables (diapers, etc)
Breads, Grains, Cereal
Paper Products
Fast Food
Store Coupons
And a few more!


Why to Sign Up For Samples!

I am a believer in free samples! I really like the fact that they often come with coupons too! This is a picture of what I have received in the last couple of weeks. I have heard people say that it isn’t worth the time to fill out the forms. Well, I use firefox so usually all the information just pops up for me because I have the information stored.

So what do you do with all the samples? You can use them in your daily life or use them as a treat. Another thing you can do is make gifts with them. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. I got 3 samples of tea and a coffee sample. Pair that with a nice coffee mug and it makes a cute little gift. I have also done goody bags for the grown ups at my children’s birthday party. Another thing you can do is give them to charities. A couple of years ago our churches MOPs group made gift bags of samples and trials to give women at a halfway house. These women loved them.

So that is something that works for me! So click on samples at the bottom of my post and start collecting.


The Frugality of Some Farmer’s Markets

$7! Yes, that is all this huge amount of produce
cost me. Where you may ask? A farmer’s market! Now I have heard for years what a good deal farmer’s markets are but I have to say that isn’t always true. But I may have found the secret. I went to the downtown farmer’s market that isn’t in what is considered the nicest area. It wasn’t dangerous or anything, just low rent which is fine because I ain’t high rent;). But I have found that when you go to the ritzy area’s farmer’s market where people seem to also be having a carnival and organic is the key word, you are going to pay a lot more. Now compare that to this little neighborhood market that is year round and most of the people there are also growing organically. While a farmer’s market is usually a good deal over a supermarket, make sure you compare all the markets in your town before you pick a favorite! Now I will be hitting a couple different ones on a regular basis just because I want the pomegranites and cauliflower that are carried at another one but I have now found a favorite. It is already bringing down my food budget and isn’t that the best way to save money?
(Just for comparison, this bunch of kale was only $1!)


Frugal Gift for Frugal People

Cute isn’t it? This is a gift coupon holder. I have heard for years about people who want to start using coupons but find it to intimidating to start. So here is a good cheap way to get them going. To start with I got a plastic organizer from Walmart for less than $4 (watch the sales). Then I got these cute embellishments on clearance that are just peel and stick.

Then I took my label maker and made some easy categories. Then I give them a running start with some coupons. In this one I put in some EPT coupons, Cottonelle, Pillsbury internet coupons (like Grands, sugar cookies, and pizza dough), Totinos and more! So for half and hour and less than $10 bucks you have a sweet little gift!


Maximize Your Toner and Check

I know its an odd headline but it made you curious didn’t it;)? Before you spend precious time printing gobs of coupons make sure the stores you shop at take Internet Coupons. I know, it is a sad thought but often a reality. And don’t be sure that the stores will know the chain’s policy.

There are a few ways to find out if your chosen store takes Internet Coupons. Some stores like Walmart have a coupon policy online but not all of their employees know it (yes, they take them) and will fight with you about it. With some stores, like Riteaid, it varies by store so you need to call over and speak to the store manager. Then there are other stores, like Winco, that do not take any Internet Coupons.

So how does this influence my behavior? Well, RiteAid is running a wonderful free after rebate sale. I found another blog that had a bunch of printables for those same items. Before I printed them I called my RiteAid and found out that they wouldn’t take them (Clovis and Kings Canyon for you locals). I saved my self money and paper by checking before I printed.

I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Winco so I don’t print off every coupon I find. Just ones that will justify a trip to another grocery store. Frankly, the Winco store brand is usually a better price than a brand with the coupon (but that is another post).

So just check before printing to make sure you are Keeping Money!